Kanai Store Association was established in 1995 for the purpose of friendship and regional collaboration.

It is located in the north of Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan. The group was organized by stores which don’t belong to local shopping area associations. It’s an unusual form of business association in Japan.

Our mission is to help local businesses, institutions and people. Presently, approximately 60 businesses from various categories have helped the association to grow. We work to make the businesses in our association loved and suported by the local population. We collaborate with local neighborhood associations, area schools and other groups to foster mutual cooperation.

We do a number of community outreach activities.
We sponsor the Bon dance in summer, a cherry tree festival in spring and the Kanai festival in autumn. We participate in the annual Kannai Hachiman Shrine festival. We also collaborate with a local junior high on their picture-letter walk rally and promote flower bed planting in local areas.

When coming to the this area, please feel free to drop by one of the stores in our association any time!

Kanai Store Association